About us

For over fifteen years we have specialized in electroplated coatings as follows:
  • Decorative chrome plating
  • Bright Nickel plating
  • Technical Nickel plating
  • Bright Zinc plating – yellow, white and black colour of chromate passivation
  • Bright Tin plating
  • Technical Silver plating
  • Bright Copper plating
  • Non-ferrous metals etching
  • Reel to reel plating

Base materials that we electroplate are: steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, alloys

We produce coatings for branches of industry such as:
  • Automotive industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Sanitary and heating industry
  • Building and engineering industry
  • Shipbuilding industry

The company owns a plating line which enables continuous electroplating of metal strips, openworks and wires. The coatings applied in the electroplating processes are: nickel, tin and silver.

We are capable of silver, gold, technical nickel plating of very small details by using a technologically advanced machine Vibrobot. It is a Swiss made device operated digitally. It allows the coating to be plated with precision and equal thickness. It also eliminates the cases of detail distortion. A continuous filtration of our baths allows to avoid impurity in coating, the baths are systematically analysed in a modern laboratory. The process of electroplating is conducted and supervised by highly skilled personnel

We would like to invite you to establish business relations with us
For more information please visit our website www.cynkopol.eu

We offer:
  • high service quality
  • short realization periods
  • vast experience in the branch
  • highly skilled staff
  • customer satisfaction
  • convinient location

ul. Glinki 146
85-861 Bydgoszcz

Rafał Kunde
sales & marketing manager
tel/fax: +48 (052) 363 00 62, +48 502 488 583
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